Tenants Deposit Disputes

If you are a tenant in an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) agreement, your landlord is legally obligated to protect your deposit through a Government-backed tenancy deposit scheme – either The Deposit Protection Service (DPS), MyDeposits, or The Dispute Service.

Deposit Protection: What Your Landlord Must Do
The law states that your landlord has 30 days to protect your deposit once you have paid it. Then, within these same 30 days, your landlord must provide you with ‘prescribed information’ in writing, which contains the details of your deposit protection.

Getting Your Deposit Back: How We Can Help
If your landlord is refusing to refund your tenancy deposit, or you are having trouble getting the money back, our expert housing law solicitors can help you. After an initial discussion about your case, we will assess the scenario and advise you on the wisest course of legal action. If you are entitled to compensation, we will work hard to quickly obtain it for you.