Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence (or Medical Malpractice) is an increasing problem across the UK, with a large number of cases and compensation claims being faced by the NHS and other private medical institutions over the past few years. The pressure on NHS staff to deliver a quality service is an ever increasing requirement, with a high standard of care expected, and the care that is delivered not always meeting these standards.

Here at Been Let Down, we are expert medical negligence Solicitors who help individuals and families to gain recognition and recompense for any medical negligence they may have suffered. We are aware that many cases related to medical negligence have previously gone unreported to the authorities. Owing to the unwavering trust that many put in their Doctors, there are many instances in which malpractice even goes undetected.

Bringing to light cases of medical negligence is actually a major part in helping to raise the standards of care across a range of professional medical services and facilities. We understand that suffering an act of medical negligence can have a long-term impact on the health and wellbeing of an individual and/or family and at times brings the need for additional ongoing care. We can help secure recompense to help cover this financial burden.

According to the NHS litigation authority in 2013, the NHS has put aside approximately £22.7 billion to cover the costs of damages paid out for victims of medical negligence. This figure is likely to rise further in the future, due to more and more recognition of medical negligence situations that have occurred across the NHS. With the alarming rate at which medical negligence is increasing, legal action is becoming the best solution to not only seek to curb this worrying level of negligence, but also provide support to victims and their families.

Here at Been Let Down, we offer a team of expert medical negligence Solicitors who are experienced and highly skilled in advising and representing clients in these types of cases. From our offices in the city centre of Liverpool, we cater to a variety of clients around the country, from individuals up to large groups. We have a track record for diligence and a highly professional approach that has seen us represent clients successfully in courts nationwide.

In addition to the expertise we offer, the fact that we provide all of these medical negligence legal services on a ‘No Success Fee’ basis means that you can gain access to elite representation at no financial risk to yourself. We will provide helpful and transparent legal support from the moment you contact us, beginning with a free initial medical negligence consultation.

This means that we will begin with an initial no-obligation meeting where you can discuss the details of your medical negligence case and we can help you to collate any evidence you may have and assess the chances of building a successful negligence claim. We’ll be honest from the outset, allowing you to understand exactly where you stand legally. We’re aware that anyone who has suffered from medical negligence will already have gone through more than enough distress, and we’ll seek to minimise any legal confusion or worry you could face.

Our team of legal experts are experienced across a range of medical negligence cases, everything from a missed diagnosis to a misdiagnosis to a mistake during a surgery. Whatever type of negligence you believe you may have suffered, finding a trusted medical negligence Solicitor is a vital part of securing the full recognition and compensation you may be entitled to. Here at Been Let Down we offer one of the leading options in the industry.

If you or a loved one believes that they have been a victim of medical negligence, and that you have suffered recognisable loss, pain and/or harm as a result, then you may have a case for a claim. For any individual or family around Merseyside, Manchester or beyond, we’re a leading option in terms of both the expertise and experience we offer for medical negligence cases.

To find out more on our range of expert legal services, you’re welcome to contact Been Let Down today. We’re available by phone, by our online claims form, or you can request a callback for a more convenient time. One of our friendly and knowledgeable legal team will be able to discuss the specifics of your potential case with you and help you arrange an initial consultation meeting to assess a possible claim for medical negligence.